Renick Büttner

I worked in different areas. My carrier started as a graphics and web designer in a local company. These tasks were mostly creative, I even designed products catalogs. Through my move to gaming networks, I collected some experience in application design. In these days I worked on data-heavy software, which process millions of user actions. 

Now, regarding my experience, I started to work on mobile apps. Some people call people like me a Full-Stack dev.

2020 – Renick Büttner. Proudly online since 2010. Impress

  • Bachelor of Engineering 2021

    I'm still working on this.

  • Staffbase GmbH 2018

    Frontend developer, working in a Scrum team.

  • Sax WebAktivist 2015 - 2018

    Worked as a graphics and web designer. Programming layouts and plugins for online shops. Also created tons of web sites for clients of the marketing department.

  • Digital Connect Internetmanufaktur 2017

    Internship as a web developer.

  • Bock & Dahlmann GbR 2015 - 2016

    Creating a web-based platform for a game network. Connecting the platform to the game databases.

  • Digital Solutions 2014

    Start working as a freelancer. Because of my young age, the local court had to agree.